We packed up early and left Chandler at 6am heading North West to Kingman on Highway 93. A few hours later, we left pavement and began our trip across private lands (with permission) to the Moss Wash trail head. Once on the Moss Wash trail, it became evident that this was going to be a fun ride. Narrow sections, large rocks, steep drops were aplenty. We soon found the Gold King Mansion (and Mine) and stopped for lunch and to explore. Continuing West towards Kingman, we came across the Merlo Mine Ruins. The last 1/3 of the trail is on a shelf road, high above the valley, delivering great views. Fantastic Trail!

Using Chandler, Arizona as a home base, Maury and I set out to find the SunFlower Mine. After an hour of traveling Highway 87, Northeast into Tonto National Forest, we found the turn-off. Once on the trail, we were treated to awesome scenery as we transversed a shelf road. The shelf road eventually dumped us into a creek bed, where the road has been completely washed away. 3 miles of wash rocks was surprisingly entertaining. The old bridge was cool and the mine ruins was worth the drive. The mine was in operation from 1913 to 1965 and produced cinnabar malachite and mercury. Later in the early 1980s (last operated in 1982), the mine produced some gold and silver.

Continuing the Arizona off-road tour, Maury and I head out to the Middle Gila Canyons area, about an hour East of Phoenix. The Martinez Canyon trails are a jumping off point for a number of well-known Arizona trails such as Ajax Mine, Jack Handle Mine, the Coke Ovens, Axle Alley, Box Canyon and more. The destination for this run was the Martinez Cabin and Martinez Mine site.