Maury and I headed out to Nahatlatch via the East side of Harrison Lake, through Shovel Creek and up Kookipi FSR. Via some miscommunication between the spotter and I, I managed to bend the crap out of the Tie Rod on one of the Kookipi washouts. After a short detour to Boston Bar for WD40, we had the toe adjusted satisfactorily and continued on up to the new Nahatlatch Fire Lookout. Stayed the night at the Fire Lookout... amazingly clear night was great for star gazing. In the morning, we watched the sun rise from the deck of the fire lookout and then continued into Nahatlatch Park towards Grizzly Falls. Amazing falls, very cold rocks and water ;-) 

One of my most enjoyable Jeep adventures. Headed up Texas Creek FSR to the Molybdenite Main FSR and then up the side of Molybdenite Ridge. The views were spectacular. Having been to Moab, the views here were on par. The group decided to camp at the Saddle (8,000 feet up) as down below is a Grizzly bear habitat. The wind was surprisingly not bad, although we camped in a bit of a trench. I've never seen stars like that either... bright all the way to the horizon on a cloudless evening. Set my alarm for 6am and headed back up to the peak to watch the sun rise. Finished the trip with a jaunt over to Molybdenite Lake, a beautiful glacier-fed, brilliant turquoise colour. Simply amazing trip. 

Two jeeps head out on Harrison West FSR travelling north up the Lillooet River to Lillooet Lake and then onto Pemberton. We visited Port Douglas and then camped at Glacier Lake which is a beautiful, remote glacier-fed lake.

Maury and I head out to Chilliwack Lake area and drive up Paleface FSR. This FSR is totally deactivated and hasn't seen traffic in many years. Completely overgrown with thick brush, trees and rocks. The 50 or so water bars have seen heavy erosion and therefore are quite steep and fun. Maury blew a rear BFG tire and modified his rear bumper nicely on some rocks. I broke off some clips of my right-front fender, destroyed the paint on my fenders and lost a rear quarter-panel trailskin, scratched/etched my windows badly, squished my tailpipe closed, dented the passenger rock rail, dented the passenger lower control arm mount... So, some light carnage. Definitely a great ride on a beautiful day.

A few Jeepers head up Eagle Ridge trail in Coquitlam for a rock crawling adventure. Even though it was overcast, the lookout didn't disappoint. 

Tackled the Hut Lakes trail up in Squamish, BC. Upper Hut is a more challenging rock-climbing exercise. With an open front differential and a limited slip rear, I managed to bounce myself up the waterfall obstacle. Didn't have to use the winch ;-) For Upper Hut, I had two cameras going simultaneously... one in the front, one in the back. 

A group of Jeepers run up to Squamish Valley area to the Ashlu Mine Site. We found the old mill but the mine shafts were blocked by a raging creek. Leaving Ashlu, we headed over to Cloudburst Mountain in the Squamish Valley and explore the logging roads. Great views.

Took the family exploring up Furry Creek FSR, over to Britannia FSR. We found a nice deck overlooking the highway, way up in the trees and the old Britannia mining camp ruins. Fun times. 

A trip up West Harrison Lake to Sunrise Lake Trail and V-Rock. On the way back to the Hatchery, tried every turn off between the FSR and the Lake, including Secret Lake Trail. 

Took the Jeep out for a few runs over Easter Long Weekend. First up was Fossil/Hale, where I inadvertently drove my passenger front wheel into a stump. Crack.... bent lower control arm, bent tie-rod and some other issues with the ABS sensor. Then on Sunday, I headed up Eagle Ridge where we almost made it to the lookout, but the snow stopped us on the last hill. Made a significant dent in the gas tank skid which will have to be hammered out. All-in-all, a great weekend of wheeling, winching and digging out. 

My word, it seems like forever since the Jeep has seen the trail. It's been two long months of installing, waiting for parts, tweaking, waiting for more parts, installing and finally the wheels/tires arrived. So, with everything installed and tuned and tweaked... it's was time for an easy-going shake-out run to ensure everything worked as planned... A buddy (green 2011 Sport JK) and I take a trip up to Hale Creek on West Harrison Lake, BC. We also made the small off-shoot down to Fossil Beach. Super-stoked, crazy, over-the-moon happy with my rig's setup.

Five Jeeps attempt to drive to North Chehalis Lake. We were eventually stopped by an active logging operation. Fun drive in the Snow anyhow ;-) 

Four Jeepers set out to drive the deactivated Stawamus Indian FSR. We encountered three main obstacles: a) A brick wall, b) A missing bridge and, c) A landslide. We eventually made it all the way down to the Indian Arm Inlet, across from the famous Wigwam Inn. The people on boats were surprised and confused to see us ;-) 

Ascent to Mineral Peak 11 Jeepers set out for Britannia FSR and up Mount Sheer to Mineral Peak. Weather was amazing, not a cloud in the sky. The tight, narrow switchbacks up Mount Sheer made for some serious pucker factor. Beautiful views made it all worthwhile. The ride up was very dusty and I soon regretted running with the soft top fully down. By the end of the day, the interior of the Jeep was fully caked in a thick layer of dust and dirt. Luckily for me, my wife is amazing and upon returning home assisted with the clean-up effort ;-)

In December 2007 a massive land slide destroyed the forest service road at 32-34 km. The 50 foot resulting tidal wave (or tsunami) destroyed the Provincial camp sites and scraped the shore line clean of dirt and trees. The only way to the North end of Chehalis Lake is accessed via Harrison Lake West FSR, cutting over the Chehalis-Mystery Creek FSR. Although the camp ground on the north beach has been abandoned by the Province for some time, we found many people camping there. The weather was rough at times, but the sun did shine in the early afternoon. 

Another Jeeper and I take our families out past Manning Park to the Placer FSR. Found Placer Lake and made camp for the night. Beautiful lake and scenery... all to ourselves. On the way out we explored Placer Mountain and encountered a few closed trails which had to be bypassed by transversing some creeks. And we came across a determined cow who wouldn't move off the road ;-) 

A few Jeepers and I take a trip up Vedder Mountain rain forest, to explore the side trails off the main FSR. There was always rain, some wildlife, huge hungry mosquitos, lots of deep water crossings and trails full of greasy, slippery, messy mud. The winches were used once to stop me from slipping off a ledge into the ravine below. Good times.

May 13th, 2012 - My son and I headed up Davis Lake way (Sylvester Road, above Mission)... up the Lost FSR to the Lost/Terepocki FSR. We decided to try for the Cypress Point on East Stave Lake. Was a very tight trail, lots of branches scraping against the Jeep. We encountered a destroyed bridge and had to drive around the debris and across the raging creek. The destination did not disappoint! 

The plan was to reach Ashlu Mining Camp on the south side of Ashlu Creek, but after a few hours of winching and slow going through the snow, we decided to turn around and try the north side. The north side was the same as the south, deep snow... so we headed over to Squamish valley and up Cloudburst Mountain to Reefer's Ridge. 

I was invited to a trail run up to Hut Lakes in Squamish, BC. My Sahara was the only rig in attendance without lockers. Snow made the trip interesting. I managed to enter the "hut" and complete the lower hut trail. I left my rig at the lake and rode the upper hut trail with another member. Had to winch myself up the hut entrance hill to exit.

Took the family for a winter drive up West Stave Lake to the mud flats and around Sayres Lake. 

Note: Best viewed with your speakers turned on to a comfortable or insanely loud volume. Video is sync'd to the music. A trip up West Harrison, BC on January 8th, 2012. Trails completed: Sunrise Lake, Fossil Beach & both trails of Hale Creek. This trail run was the first true outting of my shiny new 2012 JK Wrangler Sahara Unlimited. It's not so shiny anymore... The big rock face that I drive up and down in the video is called "V-Rock" and is quite challenging, steep, off-camber and slippery.