UPDATE! - We traded in our 2012 Wrangler (White) for a 2016 Wrangler (Hydro Blue) in September 2016. I'll update the details below for the new Jeep eventually ;-) 

She Came from Toledo

Ordered directly from the Chrysler Toledo Factory on October 15th, 2011 and delivered on December 19th, 2011, our 2012 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited. Ordered with 3.73 gearing, 6 speed and a limited slip rear differential. We went with the base radio head unit (no navigation), heated seats and air conditioning.

December 2011 - Stave Lake West Mud Flats - Day 5 of Ownership

BUILDING for overland travel

The plan was to properly lift the Jeep with a full 8 control arm replacement such that everything could be dialled in perfectly.... and then obtain some suitable tires. After acquiring the necessary tools, I installed the lift myself (with some help from a few friends) over a weekend. In regards to tires, I went conservative with 34" Nitto Trail Grapplers. Since the original lift, the Jeep has taken a turn for cray-cray... with a Prorock44, ARBs and other goodies. 

Sitting Half-Way up Canoe Mountain on a Switchback - August 2014

The Deets as of July 2016

2012 Sahara Unlimited 6 speed with 95,600 kms on the ODO:

  • Dynatrac Prorock44 Unlimited
    • Synergy Ball Joints
    • RCV Axles
    • ARB Air Locker
    • Yukon 4.88 Ring/Pinion
    • Modified Synergy High Steer Bracket, Welded
  • Rear D44 Stock Housing
    • 35 Spline Nitro Chromoly Axles
    • ARB Air Locker
    • Dana 4.90 OEM Ring/Pinion
    • Dynatrac Diff Cover
  • Teraflex/Synergy FrankenLift
    •  4" Teraflex Springs
    • Synergy Short Arm FlexArms (6 Synergy, 2 Teraflex)
    • Fox Shox 2.0 w/Reservoir
  • JKS Adjustable Front Track Bar
  • Teraflex Exhaust Spacers
  • Coast 1310 Front Drive Shaft
  • EVO JK Drag Link Flip
  • Synergy Chromoly Tie Rod
  • Fox Steering Stabilizer 2.0
  • Rocksolid Performance JK Steering Box Brace
  • Rough Country Swaybar Disconnects
  • Poison Spyder Brawler Lite Front Bumper
  • Smittybuilt XRC8 Comp Winch w/Synthetic Line
  • LOD 4th Generation Shorty Rear Bumper, Tire Carrier, Gas Can Mounts (SOLD, June 2015)
  • AEV Tire Carrier, Fuel Canister and Hi-Lift Mount
  • Poison Spyder Prototype Rear Shorty Bumper (Built for Northridge4x4 Specifically) to fit the AEV Tire Carrier
  • Nitto Trail Grappler 37x12.5x17 Tires
  • Level8 Bully Pro 17x9 Wheels w/4.25" Backspacing
  • ACE Engineering Weld-on Rock Sliders
  • AEV Roof Rack
  • Tepui Gran Sabana Roof Top Tent (SOLD)
  • Tepui Kukenam Sky Roof Top Tent
  • Bushwacker Flat Fender Flares
  • aFe Power Hi-Tuck Axle-Back Muffler
  • ARB CKMA12 Onboard Air (for lockers) Mounted Under Hood with EVO Bracket
  • ARB CKMTA12 Twin Compressor Onboard Air (for tires, tools) Mounted Under Passenger Seat with Carolina Metal Masher's Mount
  • sPOD 6 Switch Relay System
  • 48" High Lift Jack
  • Icom IC-2300H UHF Radio w/PCTel 4' Antenna
  • Poison Spyder LED License Plate Bracket and Delete Cover
  • Stubby Radio Antenna
  • AEV Procal
  • AEV Front & Rear Floormats
  • Rhino-Rack Medium Luggage Bag
  • Lux Lighting Rock Lights (White)
  • Rigid Industries Dually D2 Spot Lights (SOLD)
  • 42" Single-Row No-Name Light Bar Mounted to Front of AEV Rack with Rhino Rack Mounts
  • Black Hard Top Only

With the above setup, we've gone everywhere we wanted to. Check out our adventure videos

Issues Fixed Under Warranty

We are very lucky to have a great dealer service department that is tolerant of our modifications. I know others are not so lucky. 

If you need a service department that is top notch, try Jim Pattison Chrysler Jeep Dodge in the Surrey Automall. I can't recommend them enough. Rick, Sean, John and Wayne are excellent to work with.

  • The manual 6 speed would randomly pop-out of 4th gear with crazy force. Hurt my hand once. Dealer replaced the inner shift boot as per Chrysler's service bulletin (under warranty).
  • Super-loud squeaking drivers seat. Dealer fixed issue under warranty.
  • Stock battery spilled battery acid all over the place. Dealer replaced battery under warranty.
  • Clutch plate fingers squeaked for quite awhile, eventually getting very loud. Dealer replaced entire clutch assembly and throw-out bearing under warranty at 25,000kms.
  • EVAP leak codes kept randomly showing up. Dealer tried replacing hoses. After that didn't work, they replaced the gas cap and all was solved (under warranty).
  • Fan control module blew. Expensive repair covered under warranty. Cemented for me that this dealership cares about off roaders and takes care of Jeeps that go off road. 
  • Replaced the Engine belt as it had split down the centre, under warranty.
  • Replaced the passenger-rear wheel speed sensor and wire loom under warranty. 

Issues Fixed - Out of Warranty

With the 3 year general warranty from Chrysler now expired, we've had to pay for some repairs.

  • New Master and Slave cylinders went. Master went first on our trip to Valemount in August 2014 and I had to have Riverside Jeep in Kamloops do the repair in short order. While they served us fast (got us going in 4 hours), the mechanic forgot to refasten the whole ARB air pump assembly, which caused me some problems on the drive home. Then a week later, the clutch slave cylinder went. Had it towed to Jim Pattison and they swapped the part and bled everything for no labour, just the cost of the part. 
  • On slow climbs in 4lo, I was overheating and spilling anti-freeze out the reservoir. Jim Pattison pulled the radiator, soaked it, discovered that it was too far gone (from the infamous landslide of 2013 at Blowdown Pass) and installed a new radiator. Gave me cost on the radiator and $100 for the labour. Again, impressed with my dealer's service department. 
  • Power steering pump blew without any warning as I pulled into a mall parking lot. I took out a few trees as I wrestled her back into control. It was a matter of time with the heavy 37s (88,000kms, 25k on 37s). My dealer replaced the pump quickly and for a good price. I had them flush the steering box to confirm there was no metal shavings... all good now.
  • The front Teraflex 9660 shocks blew at 87,000kms and I replaced all 4 shocks with the Fox Shox 2.0 with remote reservoir. 

Build Photos 2012 (Click for Large View)

Build Photos 2013 (Click for Large View)

Build Photos 2014 (Click for Large View)

Build Photos 2015 (Click for Large View)

Build Photos 2016 (Click for Large View)

The Roof Top Tent (SOLD Feb 2015)

Update! - We sold our RTT to a nice family from Kelowna. Essentially it was too heavy, too unwieldy and it affected the gas mileage significantly. I am sure going to miss sleeping up on top... we're back to ground camping for 2015. 

We have a Tepui Gran Sabana Roof Top Tent (RTT) which is the largest tent on the market. It sleeps 4 comfortably (seriously).  However, the damn thing weighs about 180 lbs. Having the jeep roof rack at almost 7 feet of the ground, it's impossible to install and remove the tent without some kind of pulley lift system. 

So, I built a cheap crane arm out the front of the house and use a few triple pulleys to lessen the weight to something reasonable. 

After returning home from a family excursion, this video shows us removing the tent and storing it in the garage.